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Brooklands Pet Products operate exclusively as a wholesaler to the New Zealand Pet Industry.

Brooklands only provide products to clients who hold an account with us. If you own or operate a retail store, veterinary clinic, or other business type associated with the pet industry in New Zealand, then you may be eligible to apply for an account with Brooklands.

If you already hold an account with Brooklands and you have a question or feedback for us, please login to your account and use the communication form below.

Brooklands Pet Products

21 McGiven Drive
New Plymouth,
New Zealand

Phone: + 64 6 753 5346
Fax: + 64 6 753 2671

If you are involved in the New Zealand Pet Industry and would like to become an account holder, please follow the instructions below:

1) Download and complete our Preliminary Questionaire:


2) Return your completed questionaire to the email addres provided in the document.

Please note that additional conditions will apply to retailers who operate exculsively online.