About Us

Brooklands originated as a hobby of David and Fay Garrett in the 1960s, stemming from an interest in the keeping of tropical fish which has now grown into one of New Zealand's leading pet product wholesalers. We are a New Zealand owned company with all warehouses and quarantine facilities based in New Plymouth.

Aquatic excellence is a key objective of Brooklands, we continually strive to develop our facilities and processes to ensure all aquatic life is of optimum health when furthered on to you, our valued customer. The current Quarantine facility is state of the art and is at the forefront of such establishments in New Zealand, purpose-built for the quarantining tropical fish in accordance with MAF New Zealand standards. We pride ourselves on our aquatic process here at Brooklands, one that has been critiqued by the culmination of over 50 years of fish keeping experience.

As a pet product wholesaler, our goals of excellence are further upheld. We work directly with our suppliers and strive to provide quality, as well as value for money, with over 4000 lines of product. Customer satisfaction is central to our operation, the order process of Brooklands ensures your needs are fulfilled efficiently and effectively by our warehouse team. We endeavour to maintain stock levels to meet the demand of our customers and uphold a high fill rate of orders. Our experienced and trained warehouse team coordinate all orders to ensure that every order placed is dispatched within a timely manner and with our reliable freight partners.

As a client of Brooklands, our positive relationship with you is paramount. With a professional sales team travelling throughout New Zealand we build strong relationships and ensure we create an ease of communication with our customers.

Brooklands continues to retain a strong family presence in the running of the business, as a result, typical family values are extremely important to us, as a customer you are treated and respected as part of the Brooklands family and we will strive to ensure all your needs are met. As we continue to grow these values remain ever prevalent and we continually strive to develop our team to meet the increased requirements of our loyal and new customers.